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We are all seeking some sort of reliable refuge. Unfortunately, most of us have internalized the notion that refuge is to be found in external phenomena – other people, places and things. While these external phenomena can be pleasing, reality dictates that these phenomena are inherently impermanent and unsatisfactory. In addition, most of us have internalized our likes and dislikes in a way that have given rise to a crystallized belief in the existence of one’s self, the defense and protection of which has come to dictate much of our decision-making through adulthood.

Mike Lubofsky offers unique Reality Attunement Therapy to help clients move into greater alignment with the natural order of things. Through an integration of cognitive-behavioral, Gestalt and existential approaches, Reality Attunement Therapy helps clients move toward an internalized, felt sense of the true, ephemeral nature of things; clients heighten their level of comfort with the uncomfortable and increasingly embrace the not knowing. It is through this attunement to present-moment experience that we can discover refuge.

Reality Attunement Therapy is also applicable to work with couples. In cultivating a heightened sense of present-moment awareness, partners become increasingly able to empathize with one another in a more non-judgmental, supportive manner. In becoming more attuned to the subtleties of interaction partners become increasingly able to optimally respond to the needs of the other and interrupt previously recurring situational tension and conflict. Mike offers his Reality Attunement Therapy for couples through The Couples Center in San Francisco.

Mike’s rate for individual psychotherapy is $160 for a 50-minute session. There are a limited number of sessions available at a sliding scale between $130-$150. Therapy with couples is charged at $180/session. We accept payment by check, cash or electronically through Ivy Pay, a HIPAA-compliant payment platform for therapists. We do not accept direct payment from insurance carriers though you may be able to obtain reimbursement for my sessions as an out-of-network provider.