Mike Lubofsky, Psychotherapist and Attorney

Psychotherapy for Lawyers

Individual and Couples Therapy

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I am fascinated by human behavior. My ability to more meaningfully tap into present-moment experience as it unfolds has involved a stream of timely support over many years from family, friends, and teachers for whom I am grateful. I have been a daily meditator for decades. After college I attended Boston University School of Law and have been a licensed attorney for more than thirty years. In addition to my psychotherapy practice I continue an active law and mediation practice at www.lubofsky.com. In 2017, I returned to graduate school for psychology at Wright Institute in Berkeley where I received my master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. In addition to my meditation practice, I am a vegetarian, work out daily and refrain from intoxicating substances. My actions are largely driven by a consistent pull to help others and make the world a better place.